As an openly gay pro sports executive, Rick Welts, ’75, is finally living his truth (2023)

When it comes to personal courage, Rick Welts, ’75, knows what it means to stand up. Welts, the president and CEO of the National Basketball Ball Association’s Phoenix Suns, in May became the second person in men’s professional basketball history to come out openly as a gay man. “It was time,” says Welts, who spent 40 years keeping his sexual orientation under wraps except to a small group of family and friends. Fear that full disclosure could hamper his career led him to keep his sexual orientation a private matter until this past spring.

Welts had good reason to worry. Men’s professional team sports is one of the last bastions where “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the unofficial but widely followed policy. In addition to Welts, only former NBA player John Amaechi has come out and that was when he published his memoir in 2007, three years after his career was over.

There was no sports executive model for Welts to follow but he had reached a point where he wanted to lead “a more authentic life.” “The question I had to wrestle with was, ‘Is there some larger good that can come of it?’ rather than just making a personal decision about myself, and that’s what I’m really happy about,” says Welts.

After his stunning revelation in The New York Times, Welts received thousands of emails and about 200 handwritten letters. “Thus far, it’s been overwhelmingly positive. There has not been one negative comment from people who have reached out,” he says. Among those he has heard from are parents worried about their children’s struggles with sexual-identity issues. Welts—the latest in a line of UW alumni who have broken new ground by coming out—was so moved by the response to his disclosure that he is doing his best to respond to every single letter.

Rick Welts’ personal journey began in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, where he grew up as the son and grandson of a long line of Huskies. (His grandfather, Richard “Robin” D. Welts, graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1924 in history and from UW Law in ’32; his parents and sister are also alums.) “I was going to Husky football games for as far back as I can remember,” he says.

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As a teenager, he was aware of his sexual orientation but thought it might change. He set deadlines every couple of years, at which time he would re-evaluate his feelings. “I wasn’t very happy that I would be living my life this way. At that point in my life, it was something I wished I could change. Part of that was the environment in which I grew up,” he says.

Meanwhile, some positive things were going on.

“My big career break was at Queen Anne High School in English lit class with Earl Woodson, who was the coolest kid at QA High because he was a ball boy for the Seattle SuperSonics,” Welts recalls. “We spent a lot more time talking about the Sonics than English lit.”

His big break came when the Woodsons moved out of Seattle, leaving Welts to apply for the ball boy position. “I was a couple of months into it when an assistant trainer position came open,” he says. “Now, you have to have four degrees to be a trainer but at that time, trainers washed uniforms and had them ready for the next game. I was elevated to trainer and given the keys to the Coliseum. Any time I wanted, I could go down there and shoot hoops on the Sonics’ floor. I could bring my friends down, too. That was in the dark ages in the late ’60s. I also vacuumed the locker-room floor.”

It was great being in a frat, tremendous, because of the friendships that developed sharing the UW experience.

Rick Welts

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Welts then moved into the Sonics media relations office to work part time after he had been admitted to the UW and moved into the Delta Chi fraternity house. Initially, he hadn’t considered living in a fraternity. “I thought it would be horrible based on the ridiculous behavior of my relatives who all lived in fraternities,” he says.

But Welts was in for a pleasant surprise, and he made fast friends in the Delta Chi house. “It was great being in a frat, tremendous, because of the friendships that developed sharing the UW experience,” he says.

But he was still experiencing a personal crisis over his sexual orientation. “My impressions of gay people came through the media,” he explains. “They were portrayed stereotypically as flamboyant. I didn’t feel anything like that and that was part of the isolation and discomfort.” Mercifully for Welts, that discomfort dissipated after he met a fellow student who lived in a fraternity like he did. The young fellow liked sports and was gay. “There was a sense of exhilaration that there were other people out there like I was,” Welts says.

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Meanwhile, Welts—who had been fascinated with broadcast journalism from an early age—was pursuing a degree in communications.

“I really had a love of television that stemmed from my dad taking me down to KING-TV to watch The Stan Boreson Show. [Boreson, ’50, was a Seattle-area entertainer who played the accordion and had a dog named Nomo on his show.] “I got to watch the show being produced,” Welts reminisces. “I really loved storytelling and the idea of journalism.”

After he graduated from the UW with his bachelor’s degree in communications, the Sonics brought him onboard full-time as public relations director. “At the age of 24, I had what was my ultimate terrific job,” says Welts. The team hired Bill Russell’s cousin, Bob Hopkins, as coach and Lenny Wilkens as the director of player personnel for the 1977-78 season.

After 22 games, the Sonics were mired in last place with a 7-15 record. Hopkins was fired and replaced by Wilkens, who led the team to the NBA Finals that and next season, winning the NBA title in 1979.

In 1982, Welts left Seattle with a one-way ticket to New York City to join the NBA’s headquarters. He used his business savvy to develop the league’s program for sponsors and advertisers. He also turned All-Star Weekend into a popular event. By the time he left in 1999, Welts was the league’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

When Welts relocated to New York, he didn’t go alone. Accompanying him on the cross-country move was his longtime partner, L. Arnie Chinn, ’78. In New York, Chinn founded his own design firm, L. Arnie Chinn Studio. Chinn died of complications from AIDS in 1994 at the age of 40.

Welts suffered greatly—and privately—after Chinn’s death because he had kept his sexual identity a secret. No one at work knew what he was going through. An obituary published in the two Seattle newspapers asked for donations to a UW scholarship fund in Chinn’s name that exists today. That fund provides financial assistance to deserving undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Architecture, a subject Chinn majored in at the UW (along with fine art).

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NBA Commissioner David Stern disclosed in a New York Times interview that he had known for years that Welts was gay but felt he couldn’t acknowledge it. What Stern and his wife, Dianne, did, however, was to mail a check for $10,000 to the UW’s L. Arnie Chinn Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund. “It was his way of acknowledging the situation,” Welts recalls. “It wasn’t until this year though, that we had ‘the conversation.’ ”

Welts’ colleagues in professional basketball have been supportive, and many have said they are happy that he finally was able to talk openly about being gay.

In addition to being a pro sports executive who happens to be gay, Welts also calls himself “an unabashed Seattle lover.” And he would love to figure out a way to live in Seattle again, at least part-time. “I’d go to more Husky football games,” he says, pausing. “And basketball games.” Welts’ early years in Seattle gave him the necessary weather-hardened credentials to return to the Emerald City. “You know,” he says, “I didn’t even own a raincoat until I moved to New York.”

Also out

Phoenix Suns CEO Rick Welts, ’75, who in May became the first professional sports team executive to come out as gay, is just the latest in a line of high-profile UW alumni who have had the courage to do so. Others include:

Col. Grethe Cammermeyer, ’76
M.A., Nursing, ’91, Ph.D., Nursing
The retired military nurse lost her job after telling a military interviewer she was a lesbian. She was reinstated.

Jenny Durkan, ’85
J.D., Law
The current U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington was the first openly gay U.S. Attorney.

David Kopay, ’66
B.A., History
The former UW running back in 1975 was the first pro athlete from a major team sport to announce he was gay.

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Karen Bryant, ’91
B.A., Communications
The former Husky basketball player is vice president of operations for the Seattle Storm and is openly gay.


As an openly gay pro sports executive, Rick Welts, ’75, is finally living his truth? ›

As an openly gay pro sports executive, Rick Welts, '75, is finally living his truth. Rick Welts broke new ground as the first executive in major professional sports to declare that he is gay. When it comes to personal courage, Rick Welts, '75, knows what it means to stand up.

Is the owner of Suns gay? ›

On January 10, 2020, Welts married Todd Gage, his partner of nine years, at San Francisco City Hall. The ceremony was officiated by mayor London Breed.

Who is Rick on Golden State Warriors? ›

Frederic Welts "Rick" Former President/COO, Golden State Warriors.

Who is the girl that slept with the Suns team? ›

IG model is pregnant after hooking up with Devin Booker and other Phoenix Suns players. Aliza Jane looks to be very happy about her pregnancy.

How much is Suns franchise worth? ›

The purchase of the Suns by Mat and Justin Ishbia from Robert Sarver closed on February 7, 2023. he sale of the Suns is expected to close Tuesday, sources tell ESPN. The brothers bought a 57% controlling stake from Robert Sarver for $2.28 billion, sources said, with Sarver selling his 37% stake for $1.48 billion.

Is Rick Celebrini a medical doctor? ›

Rick Celebrini (born October 16, 1967) is a retired Canadian soccer player who is the physiotherapist and head of sports medicine and science for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and director of sports medicine and performance for the Golden State Warriors.

Why was Jackson fired from the Warriors? ›

Mark Jackson was fired after the 2014 Playoffs because the Warriors wanted to hire a new coach to get over the championship hump after Jackson developed the Warriors' core into All-Star caliber players. They had lost to the eventual champions San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs that season.

What team does Rick Fox play for? ›

Ulrich Alexander Fox (born July 24, 1969) is a Canadian actor and former basketball player. He played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, and played college basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

What is the Phoenix Suns scandal? ›

The report, commissioned by the league, outlined a troubling pattern of behavior by Sarver that included his use of racial epithets; that he “used language and engaged in conduct demeaning of female employees;” that he made crude jokes about the physical appearance of women — including female employees of the Suns; ...

Who slurped up 7 NBA players? ›

Celina Powell and her friend Aliza explain how they met during a 3way, she then details how she went all in with a basketball team and how she took care of e...

What NBA player got a girl pregnant? ›

Karl Malone Has Heard the Criticism Over His Seedy Past Getting a 13-Year-Old Pregnant — and Seemingly Responds. After former Utah Jazz player Karl Malone was announced as a judge for the NBA All-Star Game's dunk contest, all hell broke loose when his sordid past became a present topic of discussion.

Who bought the Suns for $4 billion? ›

Mortgage executive and former Michigan State guard Mat Ishbia is the new majority owner of the Phoenix Suns and WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, after the NBA's board of governors approved his plan to purchase the controlling stake of those franchises from Robert Sarver.

Who owns Suns billionaire? ›

Mathew Randall Ishbia (born in 1980) is an American billionaire businessman who is CEO and chairman of mortgage lender United Wholesale Mortgage. He is the majority owner of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA and Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA alongside his older brother Justin .

Who is the director of sports medicine for the Warriors? ›

At the top of this list is Warriors director of sports medicine and performance, Rick Celebrini.

Who are the assistant coaches for the Warriors? ›

Assistants. Kenny Atkinson, Ron Adams, Bruce Fraser, Chris DeMarco, Dejan Milojevic, Jama Mahlalela, Rick Celebrini (Trainer).

Why is Mark Jackson not in the Hall of Fame? ›

Jackson was never an MVP, nor an NBA champion. He only made one all-star appearance throughout his career. He was, however, a major part of quite a few playoff teams in his two stints with the Knicks, which any Knicks fan today will tell you is enough to be considered a Hall of Famer.

Why did Seth leave the Warriors? ›

"I didn't want to go to Golden State," Seth said, according to Jenkins. "I didn't want to go back in Steph's shadow." It's hard to blame him—and not just because signing with the Warriors would have put the younger Curry in a spot conducive to unwanted comparisons.

Who did Jackson go against? ›

As national politics polarized around Jackson and his opposition, two parties grew out of the old Republican Party–the Democratic Republicans, or Democrats, adhering to Jackson; and the National Republicans, or Whigs, opposing him.

Who is Rick Fox ex wife? ›

Image of Who is Rick Fox ex wife?
Vanessa Lynn Williams is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She gained recognition as the first African-American woman to receive the Miss America title when she was crowned Miss America 1984.

Who is Rick Fox married to currently? ›

Image of Who is Rick Fox married to currently?
Vanessa Lynn Williams is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She gained recognition as the first African-American woman to receive the Miss America title when she was crowned Miss America 1984.

What is Rick Fox doing now? ›

Fox now has a recurring role on OWN's Greenleaf. He portrays a handsome (of course) reporter assigned to cover scandals that revolve around Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. This is all besides his duties as an NBATV studio analyst.

Who is Suns owner girlfriend? ›

Three former Phoenix Suns employees have received messages from Penny Sarver, the wife of Robert Sarver, who is the team's majority owner.

Who owns the Suns now? ›

New owner of the Phoenix Suns, Mat Ishbia, was recently given complete control of the team after buying both the Suns and WNBA's Mercury from Robert Sarver.

Who owns Suns owner? ›

Official: Billionaire mortgage lender Mat Ishbia new majority owner of Phoenix Suns. BROOKLYN – Billionaire mortgage lender Mat Ishbia has received final transaction approval from the NBA to become Phoenix Suns new team owner, the league announced Tuesday. “This is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

What happened to the Suns owner? ›

The N.B.A. is suspending Robert Sarver, the majority owner of the Phoenix Suns, for one year and fining him $10 million after an investigation determined that he had engaged in misconduct, including using racial slurs, yelling at employees and treating female employees unfairly.

Who owns the footprint center? ›

City of Phoenix

Who is the CEO of Suns com? ›

The Phoenix Suns are hiring Detroit Pistons executive Josh Bartelstein as the team's new CEO, sources told ESPN on Saturday.

Does Charles Barkley own the Suns? ›

“My ego's not like, 'Yeah, I'm one of the owners of the Suns. I got like $20 million in it, I own a percentage.

How much profit does the Suns make? ›

The revenue of the Phoenix Suns franchise totaled 302 million U.S. dollars in the 2021/22 season. This denoted an increase of about 47 percent over the previous season, when the estimated revenue of the National Basketball Association franchise amounted to 206 million U.S. dollars.

What team does Michael Jordan own? ›

Jordan is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA and of 23XI Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series. He was integral in popularizing the sport of basketball and the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s, becoming a global cultural icon. New York City, U.S.

How much will Suns sell for? ›

The sale of the Phoenix Suns sent shock waves through the sports world when Robert Sarver agreed to sell the team to Mat Ishbia for $4 billion. When the sale closes it will be the largest purchase in NBA history.

What billionaire is buying the Phoenix Suns? ›

Billionaire mortgage lender Mat Ishbia finalizes purchase of Suns from Robert Sarver.

How much did the Suns owner pay for the Suns? ›

Sarver bought the Suns in 2004 for $401 million — then an NBA record, and roughly 10 times less than the price Ishbia agreed to pay. "Mat is the right leader to build on franchise legacies of winning and community support and shepherd the Suns and Mercury into the next era," Sarver said.

Has anyone bought the Suns? ›

Billionaire mortgage lender Mat Ishbia has agreed to purchase the majority stake of the Phoenix Suns and the WNBA's Mercury for a record price of $4 billion, Ishbia and current owner Robert Sarver announced on Tuesday.

Who did Jerry Colangelo sell the Suns to? ›

In April 2004, Colangelo sold the Suns, Mercury and Rattlers to an investment group headed by San Diego, California businessman, Tucson, Arizona native Robert Sarver for $401 million.


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