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Isn’t it astonishing to be a part of festivals that celebrate astrological, divine as well as spiritual events? You probably do not know if the formation of stars leads to a massive celebration in an untouched part of India. That is exactly why festivals in June are aesthetically eye-catching with music, dance and victory of good!

To enjoy festivals in June 2023, you must check Treebo Hotels for the best of comfort and rejuvenation. As you soak in the vibes of celebration with age-old practices of joy and glory, this is your chance to experience it all. Witness an enchanting world of divinity with these top festivals in June.

The Top 9 Festivals in June 2023 are –

1. Hemis Festival, Ladakh

Imagine the thrill of watching a colourful war depicting the victory of good over evil. Hemis festival of Ladakh is celebrated in Hemis monastery to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. Also known as Guru Rinpoche, it is one of the festivals in June that lets you explore Tibetan Buddhism alongside enchanting views.

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The very famous traditional dance, also known as Cham, is a sight to behold. The fair offers you an opportunity to buy exclusive Tibetan souvenirs for your loved ones. Make sure to watch the enthusiastic lamas in complete splendor celebrating with cymbals and trumpets.

2. Shimla Summer Festival, Shimla

Looking for one of the best festivals in June 2023? If yes, you definitely should be a part of Shimla Summer Festival held at Ridge, which is an open space in the city. It is a 5-day festival which celebrates sport, entertainment, culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, this festival offers a platform for the young generation to showcase their talents.

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As you plan to attend this festival, make sure to book hotels in Shimla for a comfortable stay. Some of the highlights of this festival include a mesmerising fashion show, a flower show and live music performances. It also includes a marathon promoting sports and different tournaments for locals and tourists.


3. Sindhu Darshan Festival, Ladakh

The beauty of India lies in some of the unique festivals in June that help you witness an entirely different experience. Sindhu Darshan Festival is celebrated in Leh which is primarily conducted for the divine Indus River. It is a 3-day festival which begins on the day of Guru Purnima.

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Indus River is endorsed for its harmonious vibes for the community. Do you know what’s unique about the Sindhu Darshan Festival? Travellers from all around the country carry river water in earthen pots and then immerse it into the Indus River. Nearly 50 monks offer prayers in a tranquil atmosphere. Be ready to witness a mixture of culture and traditional rituals here.

4. Saga Dawa, Sikkim

One of the unknown festivals in June is Saga Dawa which is a divine celebration in the Tibetan calendar. Saga is a star formation, and when it appears in the sky, this festival is celebrated with complete joy. Saga Dawa honours the birth anniversary of Buddha Sakyamuni who attained nirvana in the same month. It is ideal to look for hotels in Sikkim for a budget-friendly getaway.

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While this festival is celebrated in Tibet, all monasteries in Sikkim are decorated in complete splendour. You can literally witness locals dressed up and showing their respect with traditional dances. Come to different parts of Sikkim and hear the rhythmic melody of prayers with healing vibes. A lot of good deeds including freeing animals and birds are also performed during this festival.


5. Sao Joao Feast of St John, Goa

Goa is a great destination where you can witness a fusion of different cultures alongside Portuguese architecture. Sao Joao Feast is an important festival in Goa dedicated to St John the Baptist where Christians and other community members participate in complete joy. Most parts of North Goa are decorated with floral designs, food stalls and vibrant outfits.

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Did you know that the feast also has an interesting highlight? Locals here jump into wells or water bodies being one of the ways to purify their souls and seek blessings from St John. One of the festivals in June 2023 featured floral wreaths, musical performances, traditional Goan dance forms and happening parades. Check for hotels in Goa and learn a lot more about the feast.

6. Rath Yatra, Puri

The Rath Yatra of Odisha is one of the most prestigious and revered festivals in June. Also known as the Chariot Festival, three different idols are moved from the Jagannath Temple to the Gundicha Temple. Deities including Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra visit their aunt’s place which is Gundicha temple. Huge chariots are constructed which are then pulled by devotees throughout the way.

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If you want to enjoy one of the best festivals in June 2023, make sure to check for hotels in Puri for a comfortable time. You are sure to be mesmerized by the massive chariots and devotion of devotees who keep singing devotional songs with many musical instruments. These deities stay in the other temple for 9 days and are brought back to the main temple through a sacred journey.


7. Ambubachi Mela, Guwahati

Nestled in the heart of Guwahati, Kamakhya temple is renowned for its Ambubachi Mela throughout the world. Menstruation is considered to be an auspicious event in a female’s life, and this is exactly why Ambubachi mela is celebrated. The famous temple of Kamakhya Devi remains closed for 4 days as it is believed that these are the menstruating days of the Goddess.

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Check for hotels in Guwahati because you wouldn’t want to miss the massive celebration on the 5th day where the goddess is bathed and worshipped. These 4 days are filled with vibes of spirituality as devotees offer prayers and keep chanting hymns outside the temple. Many sadhus and locals perform fasting and meditating to gain positivity from the feminine energies.

8. Kottiyoor Utsavam, Kannur

Kerala is best known for various cultural practices, and one of the significant festivals in June 2023 is Kottiyoor Utsavam. The festival is dedicated to the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is a 28-day festival which is celebrated in Kottiyoor temple near the banks of River Bavali—book affordable hotels in Kerala for an affordable stay to enjoy the event fully.

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Various phases include the installation of idols and then immersing them in the river signifying the marriage of deities. Thrikkalashaattu is basically the ending of the festival where you can witness grandeur as idols are carried to the river for a bath. Throughout the festival, you can witness holy prayers, cultural performances, divine rituals and a lot more.


9. Feast Of St Peter And St Paul, Goa

One of the significant festivals in June 2023 is the Feast of St Peter And St Paul celebrated with love and divine prayers in Goa. Interestingly, Catholics as well as non-Catholics honour the martyrdom of these saints. You surely need to book your tickets to Goa to witness the divine masses held in churches throughout.

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The procession moves through the streets until coming to an end and receiving blessings for the fishing nets and boats in coastal areas at the seaside. You can rejuvenate in the melodious Goan music and dance performances along with various exhibits in the city. The festival stands as an epitome of faith, strength and positive energies.

Are you ready to embrace the freshness of festivals in June that takes you to an entirely different world of beliefs and thoughts? Take this opportunity to astonish yourself with the divine festivals of India in June 2023.

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